Hull & Deck Compounding / Waxing


keep your boat
looking beautiful

Hull and deck compounding and waxing are one of the many boat services we offer. Such maintenance is important in keeping your boat looking beautiful and in the best shape. Many factors cause wear and tear on your boat. Elements such as UV rays from the sun, air pollutants as well as salt water itself can cause damages to a boat and its exterior hull.

The benefits of regularly hull and deck compounding and waxing cannot be overstated.¬†One benefit is the increased ability for minor issues being spotted before they become a large and expensive issue. Second, diagnosis of oil, fuel and water leaks becomes earlier. Also, it prevents mildew. Finally, such regular maintenance increases your boat’s resale value.

Let CDN compound and wax your boat’s hull for you. This way you have more time to relax and enjoy the open waters yourself.